About Me

Hi there, I am a nuclear physicist and a data scientist. As a physicist, I conduct research in high-energy physics as a member of the multinational PHENIX collaboration located at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. As a data scientist, I delve into publicly available datasets, and apply techniques in machine learning and statistics to extract actionable insights. I am passionate about learning new technologies, and just as passionate about teaching them to others. My goal in setting up this website is to chronicle the things I learn, and provide a central resource for both myself and others.

I love working with data...

For my PhD thesis, I analyzed the very large datasets collected from particle collisions using the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. The goal was to identify elusive signatures of the formation of very exotic matter that is only formed at extreme conditions of temperature and density. You can read more about my doctoral research here.

In addition to my research in high-energy physics,

I have also done research in nuclear chemistry, in the area of fusion energy, AMO physics (ultra-cold gases and Bose-Einstein condensation), and population genetics. Outside of academia, I love undertaking fun projects with publicly available datasets...

Some of these projects include a real-time sentiment analysis module for brand monitoring on social media, a web app for tracking violent crime in New York City,

and an analysis of spending and drug sales in the Health Care industry.

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